"revolve" began with the merger of "Hunter Translations" founded by Venatyr and "w00t^2 Translations" founded by Soulfang and alerith. Venatyr later left the group to pursue his own interests. The name "revolve" was the brain work of TheXev.

The Men Behind the Masks

Back in the year 2001, alerith thought he had enough knowledge of the Japanese language to translate ROMs, so he posted a message on RPGd's forum advertising his availability as a translator for hire. Shortly after, he was contacted by Kitsune Sniper, BlackPaladin, Gideon Zhi, and Soulfang. They all wanted his help in their various projects. It took alerith about 20 minutes to translate one line of text, and this made him realize that he sucked at Japanese. Soulfang wanted alerith's help on "Dual Orb 2", but luckily alerith was too busy working on "Ushio and Tora" (so both of them never knew how much the other sucked). Over time, alerith's Japanese abilities increased in small increments, but he decided to take a break from translation for a while, while still maintaining friendship with Gideon Zhi and Soulfang.

Some time later, alerith was contacted by TheXev for translation work on "Kyatto Ninden Teyandee" (Samurai Pizza Cats for NES). After TheXev finally managed to hack the game, alerith did some work on the script but then lost interest.

After Soulfang came back from his year-long hiatus from the internet, he and alerith got together around March to translate RPG Maker 2003. During this time, alerith was finishing up his Japanese courses, so his skill was considerably improved. They released their translation of RPG Maker 2003 and then abruptly discontinued it due to constant flames and threats.

Some time later, alerith and Soulfang started working on Super Robot Wars Alpha and Farland Symphony. His Japanese courses now finished, alerith has become a competent translator.

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