Melty Blood v1.7 and Melty Blood ReACT v1.0

Available for immediate download via HTTP and Bittorrent. This marks the sixth public release of our Melty Blood patch, and the first of our ReACT patch.

Please report story mode typos in the unified thread, as the story mode files for each version of the patch will be identical from this point on, and any future releases with amendments to the story mode will be simultaneous.

Remember, the patch for ReACT will require you to have the latest Final Tuned executable at your disposal, so make sure you have it available.

Melty Blood ReACT English version 1.0
HTTP Mirror: Click Here
HTTP Mirror for Final Tuned Patch: Click Here
Torrent Mirror: Click Here [May be faster right now] (Torrent version includes the Final Tuned patch + ReACT installer in the same torrent.)

Melty Blood English version 1.7
HTTP Mirror: Click Here
Torrent Mirror: Click Here [May be faster right now]

Melty Blood story mode Typo/Grammar Mistake Report [v1.7]
Melty Blood Bug Report [v1.7]

Comments on the forums

Just like with our other releases, no discussion of obtaining the game by any illegal means. I'm not interested in engaging in any philosophical debate over this topic. We're not hosting torrents of the game here and we don't want to see our patch hosted along with any illegal copies of the game. Keeping our translation group out of trouble is the best way to ensure future planned releases, such as Fate/stay night.

This is not meant to be endorsement of these stores, but Melty Blood can be bought from these locations:

Paletweb's Melty Blood
Paletweb's Melty Blood ReAct
Himeyashop's Melty Blood
Himeyashop's Melty Blood ReAct

Below will be saved searches on Yahoo! Japan Auctions. Please note that all results are not the games themselves. EvoSpace's site has pictures of Melty Blood merchandise so you know what's what. If you have any doubts about what you are buying, ask someone who knows Japanese... I recommend the use of an auction agent such as Shopping Mall Japan or Akibado. If you are paying close attention, you will realize that there is no such thing as a legitimate DVD version for Melty Blood or Melty Blood ReACT.

Searches for Melty Blood: 1 2

Searches for Melty Blood ReAct: 1 2

Posted by Ryuusoul at 04:39 AM - July 19, 2007

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