Melty Blood Version 1.6 Release

Version 1.6 has been released. Don't let the versioning confuse you, it's our second fifth release of the public MB translation. Apart from the usual typos and grammar mistakes, we also fixed the L <--> K error in the walkthrough, polished a few screens, and the subbed MB opening video now uses the original audio.

HTTP Mirror: Click Here (English 1.6)
Torrent Mirror: Click Here (English 1.6) [May be faster right now]

Melty Blood Typo/Grammar Mistake Report [v1.6]
Melty Blood Bug Report [v1.6]

Comments on the forums

Posted by Ryuusoul at 10:52 PM - May 26, 2007

Mistake in the Melty Blood walkthough.

It looks like a small oversight happened while making the Melty Blood walkthrough. Block L should be called Block K, and vice versa. This will be fixed in the bugfix release of Melty Blood near the end of the month. Please report any errors you may encounter while playing the game or looking at any other files related to the translation.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by TheXev at 09:18 AM - May 02, 2007

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