Same Great Translation, Bold New Look (somewhat)

mirror moon and Revolve hereby formally announce our merger into a single group: mirror moon.

Ever since mirror moon and Revolve joined forces to tackle Tsukihime years ago, the same staff has been working under two different names. mirror moon was the name applied to TYPE-MOON game translation and Revolve was pretty much anything else. In effect, we have been one group in everything but name, which sometimes led to confusion. As the scale of our projects expand, this distinction grows less relevant and more cumbersome.

Just some of the benefits include:

  • Not having to juggle multiple names for the sake of dubious distinction.

  • Enabling us to eliminate redundancy by consolidating to a single news website and eliminate unnecessary webhosting.

  • Better portraying the scope of our projects as all translations are viewed as coming from a single source.

  • Further centralizing certain processes and decentralizing others.

Our IRC channel will become and our new forum location is

For news updates, refer to our main site:

Future releases will be under the name mirror moon.

Because most of our merger has happened seamlessly long ago, this will not result in any conflicts of interest, interruptions in progress, or hostile corporate takeovers.

Posted by Ryuusoul at 05:17 PM - January 02, 2008

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